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Product weight is a primary concern when selecting a roofing material, especially when reroofing. A roofing material that is replaced with one that is heavier can create a significant hazard. Cedar shakes and shingles are preferred reroofing materials since they are among the lightest and most durable.

This heavy cement tile roof collapsed during an earthquake, yet neighboring cedar roofed homes were virtually unharmed.

Cedar shakes and shingles are among the lightest and yet toughest roofing materials available. The weight will vary depending on the size and application of the products. The following weights are based on product averages.

Product Dry/Shipping Wet
Medium ½" x 24" shakes 167 lbs 217 lbs
Heavy ¾" x 24" shakes 274 lbs 357 lbs
Shingles 170 lbs 267 lbs

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